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I’m joining the Marines and I’m kind of scared of the Drill Instructors at boot camp?

I’m a young guy and enlisting in the USMC real soon. It’s a passion of mine to serve and, although I’m real excited and ready for Parris Island, I’m pretty anxious and scared about all the male drill instructors. I saw some videos of them on YouTube and they looked pretty scary. My good friend went to Parris Island too, and he told me how much he shook uncontrollably when the DIs were all around him, and how much he perspired and his legs wobbled. He ended up graduating and has a great MOS now.

Anyway, I know their purpose is to break me down and bring me back up. I meant when I first arrive and get off that bus, I’ll probably be shaking myself. Is it normal to feel a little scared and anxious about the drill instructors at boot camp?

Is there any advice you guys can give me? Thanks!

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    I would imagine the sentiments and trepidation is normal, as long as one does not let it take control of their emotions.

    I went to PI not too long after Vietnam, and the boot camp scenes portrayed in "Full Metal Jacket" were dead on accurate. I would assume that the physical violence towards recruits is not longer the norm, so that is one less thing to be concerned about. Think of the tens of thousands of recruits who preceded you and made it through, and were better off for meeting the challenge. Recruits are not dying in droves you know.

    DI's are highly trained, dedicated and tightly screened for instability or unnecessary cruelty. They told us: " everything we make you do has a purpose". So I set my mind to attempting to determine the purpose of the seemingly inane aspects of boot camp routine. It allowed me to stay centered instead of becoming anxious.

    Best of luck.

    Source(s): Former USMC, Plt 2003, Fox Co, 2nd BN, RTR, MCRD, PISC.
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    The purpose is to instill the notion that you must follow orders, even stupid orders. Even unfair orders. Even while under great stress. Do that and you will be fine. If some DI tells you to squat and walk like a duck, for no reason at all, squat and walk like a duck until you are relieved.

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    Better they test your mental readiness here in training rather than in battle where you will not get the chance to start over.

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    Young men have been going through that training everyday for many decades. It will be tough but later you will be happy you did it.

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    The only trick you need is to not psych yourself out before you even go, by watching overblown, and exaggerated "movie" scenes of what it will be like.

    Take comfort that every Marine out there...........went thru it, and guess what? they survived and graduated.

    It's a mind game........and its 8 weeks or whatever........ya just have to do what you are told, learn what you are suppose to learn, and keep your jokes and smartass self, to yourself....and you'll be fine.

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