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How to succeed in life?

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    There are very few people who succeed in life without hard work, and in those cases, it's probably from their own luck. But not everyone has luck, so the best way to succeed in life is to work hard at something you enjoy.

    To succeed is different for everyone. It all depends on their goal. If someone's goal was to write a single book, and they do this, they have succeeded. But that is just a simple example.

    Everything depends on what you yourself strive to accomplish. If you don't know what this is, then educate yourself and keep learning until you find what you really want. And once you have found your goal, work hard and go for it.

    Many people strive for something that seems enjoyable, but never make it there because they can't handle the work required. But the truth is, if you work hard enough at something, your chances to succeed become higher than if you just walk forward and hope for the best,

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    • I agree. Excellent answer. But I would add that it is wise to have a backup goal to switch to, just in case it becomes apparent that one's primary goal is unattainable however much work is applied.

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  • 6 months ago

    Turn off the tv.

    Get up off one end

    Stop shoving food down the other.

    Find something you like to do which is useful to someone or something, and get good at it.

    Help others in need.

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    There is a website called Excellence-Success. They print a lot of good articles on Success

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    It,s to be brought.

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    Go to Goiania obvs

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