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How long before a medical debt goes into collections?

I have three medical bills. One is due on August 30, 2019. The other two were due upon receiving the bill. Each bill is like 300 dollars, my health insurance covered some of it but it’s like a 60-80 percent plan and it’s not a major plan. So each bill was 500 and 600 dollars. Anyway I can pay the bills just in monthly payments. So my parents gave me advice to send in whatever amount of money I want and the bills won’t get sent to collections because they see that I’m making the effort to pay the balance. Some internet sources say that payment arrangements have to be made to prevent the bills from being sent to collections. But my parents have sent whatever money they wanted without formally making payment arrangements and nothing went to collections nor affected their credit scores or reports. How long after the due date does something go to collections? And how long does it show up your credit report?

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    My suggestion is listen to your parents.

    I'm working with someone right now who got hit with a surprise $900 bill from his cardio doctor. He thought it was covered under insurance but due to the co-pay he wasn't aware he would be paying it, and the doctor did not inform him prior to the procedure.

    We made a phone call and informed them he would be paying $50 a month until paid (more if he could handle it). Our only demand is that they send us a letter stating they would not turn is over to a collection agency. If they did it would be a FDCA violation. They agreed and everything is working out fine.

    The worst thing you can do is ignore his bills. That leaves him no option but to go with collections.

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    It's up to whatever place holds the debt, they can theoretically assign it to a collection agency the day after it's late. They usually don't but they can, barring local laws to the contrary.

    In the US (you don't say where you live), a company has to charge off a debt for purposes of the SOL under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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