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Will I ever find someone for me?

I know this sounds dumb bc I’m a junior but I literally can’t find anyone At all I care about personality so much more than looks and I can’t find anyone with that . All they care about is sex these days I think that’s why I match up with older men mostly . I’m still a Virgin and my friends aren’t they always make fun of me for it I KNOW EMBARRASSING. But they get all the men because they do dirty things with them but I just want a long term relationship. I been through all the heart break at a early age and it made me more mature than others . I’m not ugly looking either I pull some guys but of course they want sex

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    Could you please find new friends ? Since when is having premarital sex a good thing ? I don't know what I find sadder .. them making fun of you for being virgin or you thinking that being a virgin is " embarrassing "

    Premarital sex causes millions of aborted kids , tons of single mothers , a high rate of people with STD , it increases your likelihood of divorce ..

    Why would anyone want to have premarital sex ? And it's even stranger when women think that premarital sex is a good thing considering that they are the ones who have to go through abortion or the ones who experience poverty when they become single mothers.

    I'm a guy and I want to be a virgin until marriage , I would be disgusted at myself if I'm not a virgin on my honeymoon, I would feel like I cheated on my wife.. I would feel sad if my wife isn't the only woman I have ever had intimacy with .

    Please reconsider the kind of friends you have and the guys you surround yourself with .

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    Absolutely. 100%. If you want some extra help, something you should do is hydrate your genitals. Use a penis health creme to ensure that your vitamins and amino acids are getting into your penile skin. Good luck to everyone, especially those with a sore penis.

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    Unless you're a Junior in college I wouldn't worry about it. Many people don't get mired in high school romance drama and they're usually the better for it.

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    Being a virgin is not embarrassing. Being sexually active is also not embarrassing. Its a big world and everyone is different. Personally, I liked that my husbands number of sexual partners was low. I am also glad that mine is on the low spectrum. When YOU meet the one, maybe you will be glad you waited and didn’t waste your time on people who only wanted you for your body. Sure its fun, but its not meaningful and usually not worth it either.

    What’s more concerning is your so called “friends.” Having sex is not “cool,” as your friends seem to think. You and your friends want different things, its as simple as that. They should respect you and definitely not make you feel that it’s embarrassing. Whether a guy admits it or not, most guys that want to settle down prefer their wife to not have hooked up with everyone in town. But again, everyone is different. You will find the person right for you in time.

    I was single through most of college and met my now husband about a year after graduating. I was born in the U.S. My mom is from Peru and my dad is from Quebec, Canada. My husband is from Azerbaijan (Yes that is a country). He is from the small city of Sheki. To make a long story short, I found someone, but he was from the other side of the world. I grew up Christian, and he Muslim. Point is, you will meet someone when you least expect it. And it can be as bizarre as my story. Peruvian-Azerbaijanish babies? What is that?

    That’s how random and crazy life can be.

    Your time will come. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in 10 years, it will come. Just always follow your heart and screw what other people think.

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    Guys want sex. Otherwise, they would have no use for females. Get used to this idea.

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    Wait until you are in college. There are better and more interesting guys, there. Don't worry so much about the pool - it gets much bigger, there, with more interesting guys.

    Or, you could go to a church youth group event. You might meet someone there who is more mature. Older guys would not be less interested in sex, by the way.

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