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Can a 14 yrs old date a 18 yrs old?

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    You can do this, IF your parents either don't find out about it (unlikely !), but: first, its illegal: its called statutory rape. The fourteen year old (you?) is considered incompetent to make choices about having sex, as a minor, and the 18 year old (him?) , is of age, and could be legally charged, prosecuted, go to JAIL, and be required to register for life as a sex offender. I hope that both of you will come in out of the rain and reconsider , and STOP , if you are already having sex, or NOT DO THIS, if you are thinking of doing it. You can also bet that this "relationship" won't last long, that there is a possibility of getting pregnant, (OH BOY !), and if he's banging someone else, too, transmitting sexual diseases, some of which are permanent, some of which are even fatal. SO? Why are you asking? Did this help? I sure hope so !

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      I have never raped a statue. Why would you???

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    It's not recommended. The 18 year old is much more in charge and emotionally developed, and the 14 year old will likely be doing things they are not accustomed to or ready for.

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    6 months ago

    When Pearl L. was 14 she dated a 43 year old man.

    Fact not fiction. Her mother told me.

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