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Can you take photos of other people's pets if you work at a pet daycare?

I work at a pet daycare and boarding place, and I play with the dogs every time I work. I really want to be able to film and photograph the dogs because I have gotten really attached to them and would like to have photos to remember them by. I know in some professions it's not okay and violates HIPPA or something to photograph stuff like that...But do dogs count?

1 Answer

  • Sumi
    Lv 7
    10 months ago

    Send your boss an email asking for permission. Your boss may not like your idea and fire you.

    Sending an email gives you documented proof of you receiving permission from your employer. You never know if it'll ever come in handy later on if you should get sued by a dog owner.

    Remember, you're in a private building where privacy can be assumed. And just because your boss is okay with it, doesn't mean that a dog owner cannot sue you.

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