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Why is my turtle biting and scratching himself?

I have a common musk turtle and i recently noticed that he keeps scratching his face and keeps biting his arms and his shell a lot. I just want to make sure this is common or if i need to change something about his set up.

Set up:

I have a 10 gallon tank as he is still a baby

Water temp is usually at 76-79 degrees

He doesn’t have any live plants in the tank just a place to bask and a filter and an area for him to go into if he wants to hide.

This has been his set up for the last 6 months and he’s been fine up until about 2 nights ago when he started biting and scratching.

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    Your turtle has mites. You will need to dip him in lice dip that you get at the drug store. May be several times over a week or so. You might want to take the turtle to a vet and let him dip him. You will have to sterilize the aquarium. You have a infestation problem. May be 2 aquariums, putting the treated turtle in a sterilized aquarium and sterilize the first aquarium. Then a few days later dip the turtle and put him in the 1st (sterilized) aquarium . Steriiliae the 2nd aquarium. Then wait a couple of day, and repeat the process. Back and forth until the turtle stops scratching.

    • ari33436 months agoReport

      Thank you so much. I will get started on that right away!

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