EdWinter asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 11 months ago

Why do liberals change the categories of con's questions? Are they too slow to note that YA still places them in the categories they belong?


I mean, by now everyone has figured out that our "liberal" friends' elevators don't exactly go up to the top floor.

But still, you'd think they'd be able to understand what's taking place right in front of them, right? Guess not. <sigh>

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  • Zirp
    Lv 7
    11 months ago

    some people move questions that violate the guidelines, so others can report them

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  • 11 months ago

    For much the same reason that Cons change the category of liberal questions: because they can.

    Wait..did you think it was just liberals that did it? You did? Awwww, that's so sweet.

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    • EdWinter
      Lv 7
      11 months agoReport

      We continue to be grateful for your sharing, hon, and beg for as much more of it as we can get.

      As you may have noticed, others of your kind have chosen to move on, as they are wont to say.

      Sad, I know, but what are we adults to do, nome sayin'. Hon.

      Please share (some more!)

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