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Why does every time I breathe cold air it burns?

I’ve been getting it the last few years and every winter or when it gets cold and I take a deep breathe and especially running in the cold In it feels like it’s burning the back of my throat and I can’t breathe and I have to lean over so I can breathe. And it’s not like oh it’s cold air makes it hurt it’s like a proper burning sensation. I don’t have asthma either And I’ve never had it

1 Answer

  • 10 months ago

    One thing we learn in physiology class or through life's experiences, extreme cold and extreme heat feel about the same. I get that issue when I pour cold water over top of my pressure cooker to cool it down and relieve the pressure.

    Sometimes the water dribbles over the top onto my hand...and I can't tell if that water is very hot or very cold when it hits my hand. It could have been heated by the heat off the pressure cooker, especially in the beginning when the cooker is really really hot. Or it could just be cold right out of the spigot.

    If it's very hot my hand could be scalded. If it's very cold, no harm done.

    Anyway, the cold you breath in can and will feel hot (burn) when the air is cold enough.

    • Maddie10 months agoReport

      So it’s nothing to worry about because I really don’t wanna go to the doctors over it

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