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Do rabbits still need memory foam or any kind of blanket on the floor if its carpet?

My carpet is softer than most, I'm planning on keeping the rabbit in a 6x6ft exercise pen (no flooring on pen) until they're litter trained. The place I am planning on adopting a rabbit from I have actually been volunteering at for a little now and I've noticed that they dont litter train the rabbits so that's why I'm waiting for them to be litter trained. After they're litter trained I plan on free roaming them and just keeping the pen as a home base which will have their litter box, hay, water bowl, toys, hidey house, and snugglebun bed. If you have seen anything else wrong with my set up please point it out, I've had tons of experience with dogs, cats, and ferrets but none with rabbits outside of volunteer work and extensive research so any tips are welcome🤗

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    They should be kept in a pen, especially when not supervised otherwise free run is OK if their area is rabbit proofed.

    For their pen, something like a paneling with cotton fleece over it for a floor, this makes cleaning after them much easier.

    Rabbits don't really litter train and not going running for the litter box to do their thing. In their home, they may go more in a litter box, but when that urge hits, they are going to piddle and poop where they are.

    Installed carpets will soak urine and if not cleaned will get offensive over time, and means carpet cleaning,

    defend liberty is the rabbit expert here, she can give better input and suggestions for house rabbits.

    I had a pet skunk that took to the litter box, no worse than a cat really and never caged.

    A pet possum, well, she didn't litter train too well, but cleaning after her was not such hard work.

    She had her potty areas where she went most of the time, probably like a rabbit.

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    Nope. Carpet is comfy enough for them. Rabbits don't usually use cushy beds. Mine did like blankets. They liked to lay on those and dig in them. You need to watch out for chewing and take it away if they try to eat it. Fleece blankets are safest because they don't have threads.

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