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Giovanni asked in HealthOptical · 7 months ago

How could wearing the wrong contacts prescription have affected my vision?

I have recently noticed within the past 2 months that my vision with my contacts in becomes blurry when viewing screens up close (I.e. using smartphones, computer work) but this does not happen with my glasses. There’s some overall blurriness at a distance but not as much as with up close viewing. My central vision appears the clearest. I stumbled upon the realization that I have been wearing the wrong contacts prescription for the past 6 months. I have myopia and astigmatism- my glasses correct for both but my contacts only correct myopia as per my preference. I’ve used contacts daily for the past several years with no complications and always achieved good vision. My glasses prescription is -5.25 in the right eye, -5.50 in the left eye. I know that typically, contacts should be .25 less in power as they sit directly on the eye. Accidentally, about 6 months ago, I ordered contacts in the power -5.50 for both eyes, and have been wearing this power ever since. Clearly, this has been overcorrecting my vision (especially for my right eye) and I did not realize the mistake until about a week ago. I now obtained contacts with -5.25 for the left eye, and -5.0 for the right eye, my proper sphere values, and found that I still have this bluriness issue. To reiterate, I have no vision issues using my glasses, so I am confused as to why this same prescription (less .25 power) in contacts is not working properly for my vision.

1 Answer

  • 7 months ago

    That's what happens when you prescribe for yourself.

    From - 5.00 to - 8.00 you have to lower the power by - 0.50 , not just 0.25

    You say your glasses are - 5.25 and - 5.50 which shows no astigmatism correction then you say you also have astigmatism where is it ? That also affects the power for contacts unless it is just a - 0.25

    For the best acuity with your contacts it may even require 0.75 less to make close vision easier , but it is certainly AT LEAST 0.50 less.

    If you had gone to an optometrist or optician to find what you actually need you would have saved yourself the cost and aggravation of lenses that don't work well.

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