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How does a pay period work?

I was just wondering because im working for about a week now (thursday makes it a week) and im wondering since i dont work on thursday which is the pay period, when may i get paid?? Because i do work on fridays right after (I choose for pay in cash) this is my first job and i dont know how it work

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    If you're not there on the day they give out the pay, you get it the next day you are there

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    You do not get paid in cash, unless this is an under the table job. Which is technically illegal.

    Most businesses pay every two weeks,. They direct deposit it it into your bank account or they send you a check, which you will need to cash.

    Pay periods can be different for each business.

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    Get your money on Fridays (unless you want to make a special trip in on Thursdays).

    Source(s): your personnel department
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    Every employer has their own policies & procedures - you will have to inquire at work, we don't know who they are let alone their policies.

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    It’s 2019, don’t you get paid into your bank account? Paid in cash? That’s be annoying.

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