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Why is Gerald Ford so difficult to remember?

I'm aware of the impact of most of the presidents recently preceding him and proceeding him, but he's an enigma, he's not really discussed in US history classes.

What's up with that?

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    I have always felt sorry for President Ford.

    First, Nixon's Vice President (Spiro Agnew) was charged with Income Tax fraud by the Internal Revenue Service.

    Second, On the eve of impeachment hearings, Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace.

    Third, that leaves only the Speaker of the House (Gerald Ford) to step up and take the place of the President.

    This is how he got the job.

    Imagine yourself in his shoes: The Vice President is going to prison and the President has resigned in disgrace, the Watergate Investigation is sending almost the entire presidential cabinet to jail for one crime or another. We are in the middle of an illegal and unwanted war in Vietnam and the country is suffering a recession, the President is under federal indictment and someone says to you...."Stand up here, Mr. Ford and be President."

    I would say, "Hell, no."

    I believe Ford did the best he could during his short presidency.

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      Indeed, he was never more than an interim president, who was tainted--really only by association and through no fault of his own--by the corruption of those around him.

  • Anonymous
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    If you talk about Ford you have to talk about him pardoning Nixon... people want to forget that.

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    His presidency is less than 1 term by about a yr.

    If he's difficult to remember, probably because he tried to please too many people and ended up displeasing too many. In other words, his presidency is highlighted w/ ambivalence.

    The following lists key events during Ford. It's easy to see mixed positions on policy as it relates to dem/rep today.

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    Cuz he only got to be US President for 2years as appointee after Nixon got thrown out and until the scheduled 1976 election.

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    Jerry was appointed to the Vice Presidency when Spiro resigned, and became president when "Tricky Dick" resigned. He narrowly lost to Mr. Peanut in 1976.

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    It's surprising that he isn't so well remembered - he's the only president who was never elected.

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