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I’m so confused can anybody help..?

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  • 8 months ago
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    PV = nRT

    Just look st the equation. If one is one one sude and the other is on the other side then they’re directly proportional.

    P and V are on the left side of the = sign so they’re not directly proportional.

    P and T are on opposite sides of the = sign, so they’re directly proportional.

    You can tell if you keep the other variables the same. Let’s see if P and T are directly proportional. You keep V, n, R the same, so we’ll assign a random number of 2. Let’s make P = 5

    5(2) = (2)(2)T

    T = 2.5

    If we change P to 3:

    3(2) = (2)(2)T

    T = 3/2

    T went down when P went down so they’re directly proportional.

    For inversely proportional, they’re on the same side of the = sign.

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  • Alan
    Lv 7
    8 months ago



    PV = nRT

    where P = pressure

    V = volume

    n = number of moles

    T= Termperature

    so rearrange the equation for each pair of variables.

    Pressure and volume

    P = nRT/V

    so if nRT are constant , P=k/V

    so pressure and volume are inversely proportional.

    pressure and temperature

    T = PV/nR

    so if V/nR are constant

    T = Pk

    so pressure and temperature are directly proportional

    Amount of gas and pressure

    Amount of gas is related to n (number of moles)

    n = PV/RT

    so if V/RT are constant

    n = Pk

    so the amount of gas and pressure are directly proportional

    amount of gas and volume

    V = nRT/P

    so if RT/P is constant

    V = nk

    so amount of gas and volume are directly proportional

    Temperature and Volume

    V = nRT/ P

    so if n and P are held constant

    V = kT

    so temperature and volume are directly proportional

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