My friends brother saw awoke suddenly and saw a ghost?

It stood at the end of his bed and wore a red shirt and long dark hair. He couldn’t see the eyes. What is this called. It wasn’t sleep paralysis because he rubbed his eyes and said, “hello”

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  • Tom
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    12 months ago
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    Likely what is called a "Waking dream"---I had that happen once---Scared the hell out of me I thought someone had broken into the house. Even the lighting and shadows were right. It wasn't until it MOVED toward the bed , without moving its legs or feet, did I realize it was not a person---then it disappeared. MUCH to my relief! I would much rather it had been a ghost than a human intruder. My heart still kept beating hard for an hour or so.

    Since a "Waking dream" is the simplest "explanation" I could come up with, THATS is what I "wrote it off" as being (although I never had one before or since)-----Now if SOMEONE ELSE sees it later, THEN I will change my mind about it and call it a REAL "Unexplained event" and will have to apply one of my "Ghost" theories to explain it. ---such as "a living person being seen through a time anomaly"----Still not going so far as labeling it a "ghost" or "Spirit of the dead"

  • 12 months ago

    If it happened often, then it may be possible to experiment but a one-off is much more likely to be a dream

  • That is what is commonly known as a dream, or if you want to get fancy a hypnopompic hallucination.

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