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What would you think of a girl doing this to a broken guy? Is this the purest form of love?

Imagine the girl kissing his hand who once had been broken on purpose, whose nails had been denailed, who has been beaten up while being in prison because he wants the independency of his country. Imagine the guy running away and seeking shelter in his sister's house, only to find out that she had a child with a man of the enemy nationality. When he had decided to anesthetize his feelings he meets a girl, she falls in love with him she understands even what he doesnt say, and one day as he tells her what happened after she asks too much about it, she kisses his hand crying, kisses his face, neck, chest, the eyebrows above his blue eyes, arms and holds him tight and wants him so bad to the point of crying because she wants him and loves him too much and wants him to forget everything. She tells him "you're mine, my angel, my salvation, you have me now, I will heal you with my love". The girl feels so much empathy for the guy that it leads to the desire of making love, although the guy is not popular, not a jerk, not vain, she loves him because she looks at him as her hero, a guy with morals and with a tough last but she loves him so much she wants to take away all the pain from him, from a guy who was hated at school because he was minority, who had no right to scholarship, who joined the independent movement to change his country, who was hit and tortured in prison and had to see a mate of his being killed in front of his eyes.

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    She will be a saint, an angel sent from god to redeem the wounded soul of the guy

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  • Alan H
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    11 months ago

    It has the basis of s good story

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