can a person be victimized like this whilst on their computer?

i copied & pasted an answer i got recently in response to a question i asked; can anything spy on a persons computer?

here is this persons answer;

'' There are also apps literally allowing strangers to take control of your entire computer. This basically the legal way to do it instead of dropping a virus that does things for the person who created the virus. You can have things dropped on your computer and not know they are there until some professional finds them. I got talking to a master in computing and she told me a story about how some family man found himself getting a virus on his PC. This particular virus amongst various things dropped disgusting images of under aged kids on his PC without him knowing it. Due to the slowed speed he took his PC in for repair only for the professional to find said images. This obviously the point to the disgusting virus. He spent years in jail pleading he had no idea those images were there. Hit men can hunt you down, your life can be sold off as black mail, it can be entirely deleted or destroyed if you run into the wrong people. Human trafficking can abduct people in the night. It's extremely easy to get somebody's address. The internet gets much worse than all these things though. It was the future the human race wasn't ready for and now its paying the price. There are some powerful firewalls and anti-virus programs out there. However if they come across something they've never seen before they wont know to block it out. ''


the above answer i pasted i found worrying, is anything like that likely to happen whilst on your computer?

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  • 11 months ago

    i think thats possible

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  • Adrian
    Lv 7
    11 months ago

    That story is a bit of a stretch in my opinion.

    Cops do not send people to jail for years simply for finding some child porn on a computer (exceptions for certain countries with strict porn laws). To be sent to jail for child porn, they would have to find you were downloading and distributing it, or creating those images yourself (exploitation).

    People that set up some file sharing apps may be in fact victims of illegal transfer of images, but then, that person has loaded some app that allows this.

    Proper security settings on your router, PC firewall, and settings in Windows (to disallow remote access) will generally prevent any unknown person from accessing your computer. The only way anyone can access your computer is if you get a virus that opens a connection to a hacker web site, or you visit some web site that enables some remote services (like Teamviewer).

    • Anonymous
      Lv 6
      11 months agoReport

      Umm yes. Simply having CP on your computer will get you prosecuted and can be up to life in prison in most countries. Not sure why you think it has to be creating/distributing to count.

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