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What is the Pennsylvania Dutch word for "The Answer?"?

In German it s "Die Antwort," And in Afrikaans it is "Die Antwoord," and in Dutch it is "Het Antwoord." So I m assuming the PA Dutch word for the Answer is got to be similar to either "Die Antwoord," in Afrikaans, or "Die Antwort," in German, or "het antwoord," in Dutch.

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    answer noun

    die Antwart

    ˘ˊ ˉ noun, pl. Antwarde

    die Antwatt

    ˘ˊ ˘ noun, pl. Antwadde


    ˘ˊ ˘ noun

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    Pennsylvania Dutch are decendents from German immigrants and speak a german dialect, not Dutch. The term "Dutch" in Pennsylvania Dutch comes from Dutchland and has no relationship to Holland (Netherland).

    Having said that, I don't know the answer to your question.

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