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What does it mean to see a puppy get hit by a car?

Okay so I left somewhere with my dad and we were driving on the highway when I saw a puppy running around in the street. I was yelling at my dad to stop the car but he couldn t cause there were no stop signs but all I could see was the puppy running around trying not to get hit. Finally we came to a red light (all this happened in about 8 seconds; the puppy wasn t speed running) and I jumped out the car to try and bring it back with me but it kept running away because it was scared. The light changed to green and I couldn t save it, I had to run back to the car in order not to stop traffic. But when I looked out the back window the puppy was laying on the ground still alive, then another car came and ran over it s legs. I yelled out for my mom (not a typo) and fell back into the car and started bawling my eyes out. After that I woke up and honestly that had to be one of the worst feelings I ve ever had after a dream. :(

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    Do you have any pets at home? If so, your dream could be a combination of your pets and also that you saw a puppy and it got hit. Keep in mind that the puppy could also be representing another animal, including a deer, etc., because all kinds of creatures do cross the street. Let's just hope that the puppy is not representing a small child who may tempt to cross the street. This type of dream can easily come true within days.

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    To dream about a puppy symbolizes a blossoming friendship or a love that grows stronger; with some exceptions, for example: If it is a rottweiler or pitbull puppy, represents an opportunity to get married, or get to have a good friend but says it can get to be a difficulty in the future.

    A puppy in dreams represents a new friend or a new love, but if a car runs over him, it means that someone could commit an outrage or abuse against that person. For example, that that person, try to approach you and your friend humiliate him forcing him to move away or a new love who tries to approach but there is a danger that your friends or family members threaten him, humiliate him, or do something unfair to get him away from you

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    maybe youre just afraid something like that could happen, i would just be thankful it didnt happen in real life

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    It proves that no benevolent gods exist.

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    It means you saw a puppy get hit by a car. $hit happens.

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