Will more dust be attracted if my house is filled with decorative items?

just wanted to know

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  • 11 months ago

    No. Decorative items do not attract or produce dust. They just collect it like any other household item or surface. Dust is everywhere and is carried by air. We cannot avoid dust so the only downside of having a lot of decorative items is that you have more things to wipe/dust when cleaning your home.

  • I care
    Lv 7
    11 months ago

    If you mean collections, pictures as such...…..than will suggest using a curio cabinet to place your collection in thus helping you to not collect dust more. My daughter came up with putting family pictures in ours and I love it.

  • 12 months ago

    Maybe not actually more dust but you will have many more things to dust so it will probably seem like you get much more dust.

  • 12 months ago

    No, decorative items to not CREATE dust, they COLLECT IT. Dust will settle upon anything, regardless if it is decorative or not. Dust does not discriminate against where it lands. Decorative items do not collect any more dust than your furniture does.

    A black car and a white car collect the same amount of dirt/dust/pollen. However, it shows up more on the black car even though the white car is just as dirty. I know, I have had both white and black cars.

    Dust is in the air and it lands on whatever is underneath it. Sure, it may be easier to clean if you have no decorative items in your home, but that same dust will be there. Have you ever picked up an item, say off of a piece of furniture, and found the outline of that item on the table with dust around it? Well, the dust on the item is the dust that would have landed on the table, inside the area of the outline.

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  • No

    It just gives more surfaces for the dust to settle, it'll be the same amount of dust travelling through the house, you'll just sweep up less of it.

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    I believe so. More things more dust

  • elhigh
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    12 months ago

    Dust isn't attracted. The same amount of dust will be in your home regardless of how many tchotchkies you have.

    The thing is that with more stuff you like to look at, you're going to notice more dust landing on things that GET looked at. A bare mantel is nothing and the quarter-inch of dust lying on it will escape your notice because you don't look at the mantel at all. But if you have mementos and photos up there, then you WILL notice the dust.

    The other thing is that more things = more places that trap dust. A bare mantel, being a flat, smooth surface, can easily lose a fair amount of its dust burden with just a gentle draft - someone walking by, for instance, or turning on the ceiling fan. That dust lands on the floor and is swept or vacuumed up, or eventually makes its way to the HVAC air filter and is removed that way. But with more stuff, you get more crevices, more blind spots where there isn't any draft, etc. Eventually there will be more dust sticking around. It looks like more dust than before and functionally it IS more dust, but not because of the knicknacks themselves. The amount of dust and lint generated by your house and its tenants will remain the same, it's just that the amount of dust that gets retained and noticed will change.

  • 12 months ago

    I want know why you furniture s and decoration more of any things else,are dirty?Then you are to wipe only,&if some thing/some one bothered you, you can advise them:No,and remove them.Catch a health resume of your first at hand,which is best of all,to show that you are clean and healthy,it is looking like,when you in from a store,having had bought a hand wash clothes powder,you don,t scatter that around pouring so you don,t like that! other wise putting that box of powder as a heavy object as an other thing heavy,inside a bedroom cabbade that you make dirsts and odors and stains by,in the bed room,at arrival,putting your shoes dirtily in,is either the same type, brings dust,in home.While if keeping alcohol in house was bad?!!No and a special object for dusting must be a passable on,fetch and use it.

  • Kaz
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    12 months ago

    It may not be true - but I REALLY think it is. I blink, and I need to dust again - it like it has dust babies....lol...

  • 12 months ago

    I don't think so. But you'll need to clean your house whenever you find a spot where there's dust.

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