Can I join the military with a history of this sport injury?

I’m a young guy and I was going to join the Marines right after high school. I was doing a lot of vigorous workouts and exercises to help me prepare for it.

I did a workout program called P90X and I was getting real carried away and I was pushing myself, unfortunately. While I was doing squats with very heavy dumbbells, I tore a few pelvic muscles and a few nerves in my groin. The condition was called neuralgia. It took about 2 years for the nerves to completely heal and mend together again, and thankfully they did and all is normal.

I completely recovered from it and I’m a healthy, active guy and it’s as if I never had the injury. I go to the gym, I do military workouts/drills, and I’m real passionate. My current condition is great, and I have no other health problems.

I spoke to a recruiter and he said he’s seen guys with much worse conditions pass MEPS and get in. I just wanted to hear some more opinions until I have an appointment with him.

Thank you so much

Semper Fi!

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  • Pearl
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    6 months ago
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    i would try it and see, like he said he saw worse conditions get in

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  • 6 months ago

    You simply do not mention that kind of stuff when you go to MEPS. 90 percent of the people in the military kept something hidden when they went through MEPS. I promise you kid they don't dig deep at all. Also don't join the marines. You'll hate your life and never see combat

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  • 6 months ago

    You might as well try. The worst thing that can happen is they say No.

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  • 6 months ago

    Only MEPS can truly answer that question, however your recruiter will know better than any random person here that has half the story.

    Until you graduate from Marine boot camp and have earned the title US Marine, avoid using the phrase "Semper Fi!". It is for Marines. You are not yet one.

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