Culinary arts with food allergies?

My son loves to cook and is looking into the culinary arts program for high school. If he has food allergies is this something that he can still pursue? He’s highly allergic to nuts

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  • 3 months ago

    It probably depends on how severe his allergy is. If he can’t even be around nuts or use equipment that has contacted nuts, it would be difficult or impossible for him to safely complete his training.

  • 4 months ago

    It shouldn't be a problem. He is of an age where he knows he should not eat them so, he just needs to be sure to not taste anything that contains nuts, which would include nut butters. He should also be aware of using equipment that was used processing nuts prior to his using them for another purpose, which could still cause a problem with residual bits and pieces. If he isn't half stupid, or tends to be so tired from time to time that he does things without thinking, it should not be a problem.

  • 4 months ago

    Highly allergic to nuts...I cannot imagine he'd be able to train anywhere decent. All depends on severity. If he cannot be in a kitchen where nuts are being prepared, I cannot imagine this will work. If he needs direct contact...well...might be another story. If it gets in the air, would that have an effect on his breathing?

    It would be cool if he worked his way up and was able to open a restaurant catering to people with food allergies, would only work in a very large city though.

    No nuts is going to be really tricky though. Once you start talking about specialty food, vegan, veggie and gluten will come up...nuts are used very often in a variety of forms...

  • Tavy
    Lv 7
    4 months ago

    He will have difficulties training in a commercial kitchen. Nuts will be there, many dishes incorporate them. There is no way they will make a kitchen nut free just for him sorry to say.

    Retired catering business owner UK

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  • Stoo
    Lv 7
    4 months ago

    They would have to accommodate that as a documented medical condition, and I'll assume it has been documented by actual doctors and not just assumed. Still best to prepare ahead with epi-pens and the like since contamination is likely. But being sensitive to food allergies is a good skill for a chef to have - it's not academic in his life, it's a serious matter. That experience would make him better suited to do other kinds of foods for other kinds of allergies, such as gluten (yes, some are just being annoyingly trendy but others get quite violently ill if even a stirring spoon mixes with gluten randomly.)

  • Alex
    Lv 6
    4 months ago

    I can't say much about a high school program, but him being allergic to nuts and wanting to pursue cooking would lead to some wonderful opportunities for him...becoming a chef that specializes in dishes for people with specific food allergies.

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