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What is the essence of human beings?

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    Repeater,lemon-spirit,dove-spirit,This rice is really appetizing

  • Several billion different answers.

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    Brilliant Shuffle dancing in Km Music Video of Haddaway's What is love (youtube)

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    We are not animals. If you can’t clearly see that than look closer. We did not evolve from primates. We were created in the image of an all powerful and loving Creator.

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    It is username 666.

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    I'm sure it's vanilla.

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    Essence of musk is 2nd.

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    Ability to think and plan for the future.

  • What is the biology of human beings? Understand this, and gain a life time's worth of wisdom. Essence just means vital parts. parts that a thing can not be itself without. Once upon a time Philosophers thought that thought originated in the chest, in the heart. See how much that wisdom offers you?

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    There are two essences in the human being.

    the essence that knows and the essence that doesn't know.

    one is to listen, but has forgotten

    and the second, maybe it's the math.

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    Water, carbon, protein ... and a willing but unpredictable conscience.

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    PIE root *es-, "to be"; therefore, what a "human be-ing" is defined as = essence.

    If one notes the atomic structuring and processes, a human may be essentially energy processes.

    Energy processing also extends, in another sensibility, to God as Energy.

    Thus the two-fold qualia of human being: some are engrossed in 5-sense phenomena, others like Schopenhauer find noumenal awareness of moral wonder (in Schopenhauer-think, impersonal force (Energy)) within.

    So, if your sensibility includes God, Truth, then the essence is less evanescent than reductionist determinate atomism. Thus Kant's three questions for philosophy: Is God? Am I (Soul) immortal? Is there ability to choose?

    Plato noted that reductionism as Dianoia did not intuit God as Noesis, while Noesis understood Dianoia.


    The Path of the Higher Self;

    Light Is a Living Spirit;

    Man, Master of His Destiny;

    Autobiography of a Yogi;

    Beams from Meher Baba.

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