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I am 17 and suffering from negative health effects due to MDMA use - if I told a doctor would they have to tell my parents or the police?

I don’t want to continue using MDMA cos of how bad it is for me, I’ve been bed bound ill for days now and my parents are wanting to take me to the doctors. I’d want the right treatment obviously but since I’m underage I’m worried my parents would have to be informed. Can anyone help??? (This is for the UK’s NHS, btw?

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    UK answer

    You're an adult in the eyes of the NHS from the age of 16 so you don't need a parent to take you to the doctors and they have no legal right to know anything about your health. You could consent to heart surgery and they'd only know if you told them, or you died. You can also change GP practices without their consent. The GP won't lecture you about using MDMA but he has to know the truth to better help you.

    Edit: No doctor will tell the police that you have used, or even that you're currently using, illegal drugs. You have a legal right to doctor patient confidentiality. Anyway, using drugs isn't illegal although selling them, giving them away and possessing them is. If you're struggling to stay off street drugs you can self refer to your local drug and alcohol service for support.

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  • Dixon
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    11 months ago

    Doctors see so much (illegal) drug use in the the course of their work they won't blink an eye but the one thing that really bugs them is when a user doesn't tell them they have been on drugs.

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  • 11 months ago

    By law they can't tell your parents and police have nothing to do with it only of you're caught having MDMA on you you'd get in trouble for possession. But you need to tell your DR. The may even refer you to treatment to be free of addiction

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