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When the acids listed are ordered from highest electrical conductivity to lowest electrical conductivity the order would be?

1.) 0.10 mol/L HCN(aq)

2. ) 0.10 mol/L HCOOH(aq

3. ) 0.10 mol/L HNO2(aq)

4. ) 0.10 mol/L HBr(aq

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    Conductivity of acid solutions .....

    The most conductive is HBr since it is a strong acid and completely ionizes. Then you can look at the Ka values of the others. The smaller the value of the acid dissociation constant (Ka) the fewer ions in solution to conduct electricity.

    HCN ......... Ka = 6.2x10^-10

    HCOOH.... Ka = 1.8x10^-4

    HNO2 ....... Ka = 4.0x10^-4

    Highest conductivity ... Lowest conductivity

    .... HBr .... HNO2 .... HCOOH .... HCN


    The answer is accurate. Don't be put off by the "thumbs down." It's the work of a troll.

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