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How to completely forget about women?

Sometimes I really hate being a man. I'm pretty much confident I'll never get laid or get a girlfriend. I'm 21 years old and I've never dated a girl, kissed a girl, and obviously I'm a virgin. I'm almost a senior in college which makes it even worse. It's hard being sexually attracted to women I can't get with or ever have sex with and it's nothing but a nuisance. The thing is... it's not like I'm afraid to talk to girls (well maybe the ones I'm really attracted to) and it's not like I'm physically unattractive myself or anything... I'm about 6'1 190 pounds and I'm pretty slim/lean with muscles... people even tend to comment on how lean I am... and yet it seems like girls don't give a damn about me lol.

Regardless, If there is a permanent way to getting rid of my attraction towards women I want to know... so any advice?

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  • Ricky
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    5 months ago
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    It's true what you say. Women don't care about anyone but their egos and needs. I'm 27 and I haven't had a gf in 5 years it sucks. Women don't give a dam if your even alive and it's the truth. I have gone to escorts and I'm happy. You should do it. It's scary at first but in the end it's just another human being. She is real most of them are nice and you won't be disappointed. Hiv and STDs is just a myth about what society says. As long as you wear a condom your good. What benefited me was I'm not needy and I no longer have wishes or fantasies about sleeping with a model. I just do it cuz in reality no one cares about me. I only know do it to make myself happy cuz no other girl will ever try to make me happy not they care so might as well. Yolo

  • Jason
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    5 months ago

    Please beware of the STDs before you go to prostitutes or sleep around, especially INCURABLE very common HERPES (HSV2), Every 1 out of 6 People have it, since prostitutes and girls who sleep around have sex with so many, they are most likely to have it and this virus can be contracted even if you wear a condom

    See below

    Check for the sections TREATMENT and EPIDEMIOLOGY

    Pls don't ruin your entire life for FEW MINUTES OF FUN, It's not worth it. Have one trusted partner for sex even it may take time to find a one

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    I am a little older than you and also a virgin. You cant ever get rid of sex drive without castration. Its simply impossible.

    Get a prostitute or masturbate or approach more girls before your mind breaks.

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  • 5 months ago

    do you have any girl friend? cuz it would be kinda helpful if you understand how a girl brain works to know how to talk with one successfully, and it is not true all girls care about their egos and needs, there are other kind of girls who would like to be proved wrong that guys only care about their egos and needs, that they can be different. Probably there most be something they dont like about you, It seems like you are a really nice and handsome guy but there is something they dont like about you, I dont know what that could be bc i dont know you, or maybe there are many girls that have a crush on you but you dont notice them bc you arent attracted to them. The point is that you should take the risk and learn from the mistake, you wont die if you try talking with the girl you like, there are still many chances left around the world that could make you happy someday

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  • 5 months ago

    Dude, get your cherry flavoured doodle down to the local brothel and spread the love.. pref all over her face. Once you have that monkey off your back, you won't fixate on getting laid so much and you'll have more success.. If all else fails, go to Thailand. You'll be treated like a god there.

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  • ioerr
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    5 months ago

    yes you must meditate and reflect continuously until you transcend this vile urge

    the process generally takes about 50 years, but it is foolproof, and permanent

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