in the marines and have terminal date and dd214 set for Thursday, decided to stay in California, would I have to redo my terminal leave?

would i have to inform ipac on this that i am deciding not to travel back home but staying locally and how will that effect my terminal leave, it was a last minute decision ,will i have to do the whole process again or can i just take the terminal but not travel back home, my parents live back home so they can receive the dd214

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  • 4 months ago
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    No. You get travel time to return to your home of record assuming you are driving. That is one day for every 300 miles. If you do it faster you still get the travel days. If you do not do it at all, you still get the travel days. They should be able to hand you your DD214 during your final day on duty. REGARDLESS of what you do, take the thing down to a county recorders office and get it recorded so if you lose your's you can easily get another one from them.

  • 4 months ago

    Once you leave base on final day, even if you flutter your tiny wings and waft over the Mexico/USA border, the military could care less.

    Source(s): Was in Pensacola 50 years ago last month, departed Mainside Base gate at noon 7/17 on a bus, headed for airport. I was clutching my DD214N fiercely. I doubt anybody in Defense Dept. cared what happened next.
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