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What is the best way to control the air pressure in a non sealed liquid/gas container?

I want a way when traveling to not have to worry about the change in air pressure for my liquids. I vape using pods, and have a few different ones for different flavors. The problem is when I go on the plane and get off, my pods are covered in vape juice that has spilled out, when in normal conditions it will not leak at all.

I know this is due to the change in pressure on the plane, vape pods do not seal completely and the little bit of air in them on the fill side (I try my best to fill them to the top before traveling) expands when the pressure drops, forcing some of the liquid out (through the wick) and when the pressure goes back up the air inside contracts which now is replace by air since the liquid went everywhere. This is a bit annoying, even when zip locking each one interdependently, since the pods end up basically soaked in vape juice, especially if I have multiple flights before my final destination.

I believe that if I were to put all the pods in a sealed rigid container (rigid plastic, glass, or metal water bottle) the pressure inside the container would not change (or not that much) so the pods would not force out liquid when the pressure outside the container drops. Am I correct in this thinking or will this not work?

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    What you suggest should work as long as it is well sealed. Of course water bottle and things should have a good sealed and pretty much most things designed to hold food/liquid should work.

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  • 6 months ago

    Simpler solution is to STOP vaping. It is almost as bad for you as smoking regular cigarettes - in some cases it is worse.

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      Great TROLL answer, does not have ANYTHING to do with the question, move along.

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