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michael asked in SportsMartial Arts · 10 months ago

since i found out my ju jitsu school has been tested evrey 90 days or close to that, i have discovered i may be training at a mcdojo..HELP!?

so i been training here a year....there are black belt kids i heard but its in a different cateogry of black belt then the adults......but since i have been at what i think is a mcdojo....does this mean evreything i leanred so far is all for nothing? this is pretty heart breaking. i know the armbars and chokes are real but i cant stop being let down now.advice? i also plan to move three hours away.should i switch schools now or continue to train here untill i move?


testing for belts evrey 90 days or alittle more i ment*

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  • 10 months ago
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    The specific test periods is a yellow flag. Failure to advance should be a thing, and it shouldn't be because someone isn't showing up enough. If they are not technically prepared for the next rank, then they shouldn't get a stripe or a belt. Period. Advancing early should also be a thing for those whom grasp things quickly as well. The techniques probably aren't flawed, but if the sparring is compliant, and little effort is required to advance: That is definitely a problem. 90 days could be the earliest time for advancement, and that might be okay. If there are more than a few belts it isn't necessarily wrong. Compare yourself to your peers and those higher rank than you. Has everyone been improving?

    Is your school part of a larger organization? Start looking for schools of the same style or organization where you plan to move, and see if they may honor your current belt rank. Some may also offer you a test to see where you're at too. It also doesn't hurt to find training partners from different styles as well depending on your skill level.

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      good answer & suggestions;also,objective details re skills commensurate with specific colour ranks re precision,correctness of technique, & movement, cf wellknown examples,& how many colour ranks there are(eg: 8 colours+3stripes each~24 levels,cf 6 colours~6 levels) would assist making suggestions

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    the time between testing is NOT making it a McDojo. Some very reputable schools test every 3 months mainly on the kids. 1 reason with children is to keep the interested and goals. And not everytime they get a belt promotion most get a stripe on the belt. Than after a certain amount of time and testing they actually move up a belt. It is good that your school give kids a lower class blackbelt. 1 reason is kids should not know some o the things adults should. Another is they are not physically or mentally developed yet.

    Continue to train until you move. BTW nothing you said seem to make it a McDojo.

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