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What do I do with my sadness when the whole extended family gathers at Christmas and does not ask me cause they don't want my mother there?

For example two upcoming weddings where I likely won't be asked cause of the families exclusion of my mother. While it is not personal against me, I miss out on being a part of the family and I cannot begin to describe how much that hurts.

NOTE----I am not trolling, it is an ongoing problem which is why I continue to ask about it.


In my mother's family the descendants of enemies are enemies themselves. My mother will not associate with her enemies offspring either.

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    Do not know why they would exclude your mother, but why does that mean that you are not invited ? How old are you?

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  • Amber
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    6 months ago

    Exactly the same here. My gran and sister fell out with my Mother. It wasn't really her fault, but now I've been cut out as well. People who are meant to be my flesh and blood can cut me out over something I wasn't even involved with then they aren't good relatives or people and I don't need them in my life. If they can be that petty and cruel, you're better off without them.

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