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How to lose weight by October?

Every October I have to wear the same dress for a special occasion, it used to fit fine but last year was a bit tight, sadly this year I think I m a bit bigger again. I know I won t lose tons by October. But how to lose enough so the dress is more comfortable?

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    When in October? If you follow a diet and exercise program, it is possible that you could lose 10 pounds and a couple of inches off of key areas in 6-8 weeks.

    Weight loss requires you to eat fewer calories every day than your body uses. Keto diets work. Non-keto diets work. You just have to weight and measure your portions, track your consumption, and stick to whatever program or diet you select. If you also follow a daily exercise regime that includes both cardio and toning/strength training, you'll have the best chance of dropping a dress size. There are lots of online resources, programs you can buy from companies like Beach Body, and a lot of books and DVDs at your public library. There are even apps you can get for abut $10/mo that will guide you on a diet and exercise program.

    The key is that you have to want this more than giving into the habits that have caused your weight gain, right?

    Just google the term "lose a dress size in 30 days" or "drop 10 pounds in a month" and you'll see all kinds of resources.

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    eat fewer calories than you burn.

    Eat more veggies and skip chips and other snack foods.

    Ear fruit instead of drinking juice and eating cookies and candy.

    If you keep your calorie count to 1500 per day, you can lose 10-12 pounds by October.

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    Drink water when you wake up. It had been proven that when drink water right when you wake up you lose weight. You get less hungry through the day and you boost your metabolism.

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    Cut out snacks. That is the only thing that works for me.

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    Eat less that’s all I can tell you

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    do cardio and aerobic exercise regularly, every other day, no carbs and no fat.

  • Eat more healthy, eat less, and exercise.

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