well, to put it simply, i want to become a doctor what should i do?

hi, i'm an Israeli student with a Canadian citizenship, i have a high school level of education here in Israel and i want to study medicine in Canada, what are the steps i have to take?

i know that i need to have a bachelors degree before i can apply to med school, but i have no idea which courses i need to take or which program is optimal for me, i also have no idea which university i should apply to, where can i get more information, and which university do you guys recommend i look into?,

im sorry if my questions are super basic i have nobody to guide me, and thanks for your time

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  • 6 months ago

    If you do hold Canadian citizenship, that's a good thing since Canada rarely, if ever, accepts any foreign students for med school. Yes, you must complete all prerequisite courses for admission to med school during your bachelor's degree - premed program. While you can major in any subject, you must complete all those prerequisites. Since there's a heavy load of sciences & math/calculus, most premeds major in biology, chemistry, or biochem. But just meeting requirements for such a major does not prepare you for med school. Apply for admission to "premed!"

    You'll want to be a top premed grad of a top-rated school for premed programs, e.g. U Toronto, McGill, U British Columbia - IF you can survive the competition to get into premier schools - to have better chances of getting into med school. Canada carefully controls med school admissions to number of expected residency positions available for grads. Study the universities' websites thoroughly, and study their med school sites thoroughly, too, so you get a grip on what you're going to need.

    Frankly, if you're Israeli, you might be happier practicing medicine in Israel than in Canada. Socialized medicine has severely cramped medicine & facilities in Canada. Patients often wait 6 months or more for things like MRI, needed surgeries, and more. Many Canadians come to US for treatment, even though they have to pay cash for some of the world's costliest medical care. You probably have better medical care & would be happier with working conditions as a doctor in Israel.

    Last I checked (not too many years ago), Canada had fewer MRI machines for the entire country than the state of Maryland, a tiny state with a fraction of Canada's widespread population. How much of your time do you want to spend fighting for your patient's appointment for an MRI just so you can make an accurate diagnosis? Rethink, evaluate your options for Canada v. Israel med schools, careers, if you are a dual-national.

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