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Hiking boots or heavy work/contractor boots?

Which type of boot would be best to wear for long periods of time; in rough terrain, in any kind of climate, can take a serious beating and can protect my feet from rocks sticks and other kinds of debris? And is waterproof or at least water resistant?

I m wanting to go camping in the mountains for a few days and I want a good pair of boots I can wear for a long amount of time without it wearing down. Comfort would be a plus but I m just fine putting some kind of squishy memory foam insole in the shoe to make it comfortable enough. But I want a pair that will keep my feet dry and protected and help me not slip and fall.

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  • Kenny
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    9 months ago
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    I like work boots with the soft rubber soles and a defined heel . Slip on or lace up is personal preference . What ever you do, do wear your new boots long enough to brake them in before you go . Not breaking in new boots is the number one mistake people make .

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