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I'm sparring once a month since I don't have a sparring partner. Is there any ways to improve boxing reflexes without sparring?

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    While nothing can really replace a sparring partner there are tools available to train your timing and reflexes.

    There are catalogs full of "new age" gimmicks, but two old classics are the speed bag and double-end bag. Working the speed bag will help your hand and coordination as well as your endurance. The double end bag will train you to both hit a moving target and dodge (or intercept) a target coming at you.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    I Have trained many boxers while in the Marine Corp. In fact that was my only duty to train Marines

    for the boxing team. Several went on to fight professionally but I can't give out names due to contract

    restrictions I can tell by your question that you masturbate too much and that diminishes your energy

    level. Lay of masturbating to about once a week not twice a day as I feel like you do. Twice a day is

    too much for a young man such as yourself or anybody of any age. Try once a week and you will become

    a better athlete. It is more valuable than a sparring partner. Good luck Jake and watch out for that left hook.

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