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Do most heroin users shot up arms, or thighs? I ask becuz a "friend" owes me, I think he used $ for H, not his "rent".?

I want to see if he shot up, recently.


Make that; Shoot up. My bad. A female renter I once had years ago shot up her thighs, she Told me. I took her to Methadone treatments a couple times.

Update 2:

The question isn't what's easier; it's whats most popular. Cops always on the look out for arm tracks. Thighs don't show.

Update 3:

Serena; READ. He said his wife lost rent check, but I suspect from his avoidance of me he is back on Heroin. He knows if he told me, I'd never lend him a dime. If I can see tracks on his arms, that is evidence I can use to prove him a liar. And ,he might then make some payments on the debt.

Update 4:

Update: Found his wife and kid, they said he was in PA. He hadn't even left them any $ for food. Said he'd be back on 23rd.. she said she Made him use the $ for the rent, as he said, Not the big "H.". lesson learned...

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    Truth is,....if you’re dealing with a heroin addict, you’re dealing with a master manipulator that will go beyond all logic & rationale to keep their secret if that’s still possible in their mind.

    So it’s not uncommon at all for marks to be excused as numerous other injuries.

    Also, if necessary many will just move onto more inconspicuous access points in the body.

    From head to toe, if there’s an accessible vein that runs near the skins surface, they’ll use it if they need it.

    Hands, between toes, all over the arms, armpits, neck, sublingually, in the groin, both the crease of the legs & the vein in the meat itself lol. There is no guaranteed location to look, you’re better off looking for numerous other tell tale signs.

    Count your spoons often, watch for cotton wads, Q-tips, cut cigarette filters, small (usually orange) plastic syringe caps.

    Usually in two sizes.

    Easy to mistake as orange wire nuts. Most of them prefer to keep a kit around with their supplies & often careless.

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  • Pippin
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    12 months ago

    Depends how long they've been doing it. Eventually veins get scarred and collapse, so long-time users may need to use veins in their neck, feet, and elsewhere.

  • 12 months ago

    If someone is trying to hide the track marks they will shoot into veins that aren't easy to see. Among the popular spots is between the toes and under the tongue.

  • 12 months ago

    I don’t see how where he shoots it has anything at all to do with him owing you money

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  • 12 months ago

    Arm would be my guess but I could be wrong. Don’t you shoot heroin into the vein. Isn’t it much easier to find the vein in your arm than in your leg.

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    They usually shoot up in the arm.

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