what to wear to my thorpe park interview?

so i have my thorpe park interview in a couple of days i ve googled but nothing seems to come up i was wondering if anyone knows what i should go the the interview dressed in as it is apparently a very laid back interview so i m unsure what to wear any answer would be appreciated

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  • Anonymous
    11 months ago
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    Smart casual, a shirt/blouse with over dyed black/blue jeans or a pair of dress trousers/slacks. Half decent shoes or dark blue, dark green or black leather trainers, both new or in very good condition.

    Do not turn up looking like a walking Nike or Adidas advert. Keep jewelry to a minimum, studs in your ears and a watch are perfectly acceptable.

    • bradley11 months agoReport

      thank you so much Ahah I was worrying so much about it much appreciated also I've never liked Nike or Adidas haha :)

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