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If you could make a movie with Clint Eastwood, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Jack Nicholson, what would the movie be about and who should be?


the leading ladies?

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    It would be about 4 Ex-Marines, who get together 50 years after the fall of Saigon........

    and try to figure out how to go back and smuggle out the ton of gold they hid towards the end of the war.

    they've spent 50 years dreaming of going back, and digging it all up, but never did.

    Now in old age.....the Death of the 5th member of their squad....... causes them to reunite and realize that they are all running out of time. It's now or never.

    the catch............ ONE of them actually went back years ago, and already took it all......but can't let on, or he'll be exposed. he has to go along and string the Others along to cover up the fact that he already betrayed them all.

    Orrrrrrr..............the catch............they all go thru hell to get there..........and find a letter from the 5th dead guy...........the one that just died..........confessing that HE stole all the gold years ago.

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      Very good idea. Got the same twist as Italian Job but a different spin. Pitch it to a production company and see if the idea could spring some writers.

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    Them old *** níggas lol

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    A good old killing police and politics movie with rich affulent people. Im a writer so

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    Space Cowboys redo!

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    Clint isn't feeling very well right now .

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    Al Pachino and Lindsey Wagner and make it a movie about Angels doing good deeds.

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    Expendables : the Prequel..... Co starring the Golden girls.......

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    Maybe about prison lifers nearing the ends of their terms but also dying and hearing about how their sons/daughters are doing on the outside. They try to reach their children, imploring them not to make the same mistakes they did, yet, a few of them take the wrong road just as they have anyway. E.g., one gets the death penalty for murder, one becomes an infamous, bloodthirsty mobster, another a crooked politician, while another enters into the wrong path for a while, but, seeing the fates of his/her friends, has a change of heart, and later becomes elected as mayor for whatever state they are in to clean up all the corruption around them, performing charitable works worldwide; I would choose Angelina Jolie for this role, and, maybe make her the daughter of either De Niro or Pacino. Yet, she finds that choosing the philanthropic route isn't always an easy one and she might constantly be in danger of being assassinated, wrongfully accused of corruption, falls for a corrupt Fed, etc.

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    It would be about 4 old has been actors trying to relive the old days when they were actually good and not living off their dreams and trying to hard to forget their ages and that they are has beens that many of today's main teen age movie goers have never heard of or seen original movies with them in it.

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    I am seeing 4 older men in a retirement community reliving the glory sorrow regret of their previous lives as police men, firemen, big shots, whatever. And if something with these 4 ever happens like that, I am there! ;0)

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