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I failed my test by 4 points should I do it again the next day or 2 days later?

So I’m trying to get my ged I need to pass 4 test to get it I passed 3 and only need 1 which is math. I’ve done the math one 4 times and I still don’t pass last time I did it I failed it by 9 points and now I failed it by 4 points I feel like I’m so closed. Is it a good idea to do it again tomorrow and study tonight or should I wait a little longer like 2 days or next week?? See the only problem is today is Tuesday and I wanted to see if I can/still have time to participate in the graduation ceremony that’s on Monday 😭😭 (I studied a lil last night but didn’t study everything and I also was so nervous that I basically had an all-nighter but I still did better than my previous scores) what should I do ?? I’m starting to feel a lil stressed and wanting to give up and not having faith this has become super important for me so I can go to college

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    When you figure that out you will pass the test.

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