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Is he just a gentlemen/nice guy?

He is a guy in my school ( a year ahead of me) and we met previously at a party and we chatted for a bit. Now, whenever he sees me at school, he always says hi and he tried to talk to me once about school. Yesterday, I was at the library reading and when I looked up, I noticed he was looking at me, so he waved and smiled. Is he trying to be my friend/nice person? I just feel that me is friendlier to me than the average person would!

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  • Sharon
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    12 months ago
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    he is quite obviously interested--perhaps unsure of your reaction or just shy

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    If he is not asking you out, he is not very attracted to you. Until he does, or IF he ever does ... there is NO way to tell how he feels about you.

    Because the ONLY Indication that a guy is interested in your body is if he asks you out on a date.

    If he is still dating you 6 months later, he LIKES you.

    If he asks you to marry him (after at least a year of dating), he LOVES you.

    These are the ONLY behaviors that give you a clear understanding. Spoken words can easily be lies, but actions tell you what you need to know. And so far he has not taken any action TO indicate that he wants to have sex with you (that is what men are looking for ... even the ones who are ready to find a wife).

  • Brian
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    12 months ago

    He's being friendly and casually flirting with you. He may want to get to know you better. Why not go for it.

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