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Does anyknow the title of this hentai doujin?

Does anyone know the title of this hentai doujinshi? I only remember the plot. There s a boy that ends up falling for this girl, who is worshipped by the villagers. BUT the girl is fooled into sex (or prostitution), by the old men, believing it is the RIGHT and HOLY thing to do unbeknowst to the girl that she is taken advantage of for sex only. BUT the boy ends up seeing it in action. He tells her what he saw, and tells her the truth, and the two ends up having sex with each other, with the girl convinced that she wants nothing to with those old men. BUT she ends up getting group raped by the old men. It has a good ending though. They escape the village with the villagers on the persuit, and ends up getting sanwiched on the cliff. Their choice is either risk getting captured or die from falling into the sea. They try to reason with the villagers, but they re having none of it since they want the boy dead, and keep the girl alive. One of the men ends up shooting the guy, and the bullet scrapes off of his forehead. With blood everywhere, she thinks the guy is dead. The girl gets pissed and uses magic or a curse (if I remember correctly) to destroy the cliff and they both fall into the sea. The end credit page shows them living happily together somewhere far away.

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    Fuxk you bich I believe

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