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How do I check rabbits for fly strike?

There have been a lot of flies in the house recently due to the time of year, but I’m really worried sometimes they tend to hang around the rabbits. My rabbits won’t let me pick them up or stand on their back legs just so I can look at their bum. I’ve tried having food in my hand while I pick them up but they still won’t let me. They’re not shy rabbits but we never picked them up as babies because we were scared we would frighten them. The only person that they will let look at their bum is a vet but I don’t want to take them just because I feel like I’m wasting their time for something I can check myself. The rabbits don’t seem ill and they’re their normal hyper self, and they seem to be eating and drinking normal. We’ve cleaned their litter regularly so flies don’t hang around there too.

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    Rabbits should not be scruffed. Mother rabbits do not ever carry their young by the scruff (as cats and dogs do to their kittens and pups). Their skin is delicate and can tear if they are scruffed -- especially if they squirm.

    Keep an eye on the litter box and always check for signs of maggots in the litter box. it is rare for indoor rabbits to get flystrike.

    To check your rabbits' bums, use a towel to wrap them like a bunny burrito. Then you can check their bum by pulling back that section of the towel.

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  • 11 months ago

    It can depend on the sort of flies you have around. Common house flies, bottle flies and such are no worry at all.

    Some like the horse flies are hefty biters, they can cause more discomfort than risk.

    Parasitic flies are what you should be concerned with, some may even lay larvae that embed under the skin, those can cause infection known as fly strike.

    Usually a noticeable bite like injury under the fur.

    Back when we raised rabbits, flies were no problem. We would just pick them up by the scruff supporting their back legs and not that hard to do a look see.

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    Grab them by the scruff of their neck (support their hind legs if you need to) and look. The only way your rabbits will get used to being picked up is by doing it. Give them a treat afterword so there is a positive association.

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    Put a 🥕 carrot up the rabbits *** hole.

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