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Anonymous asked in Consumer ElectronicsGames & GearPC · 9 months ago

Why do games like gta V for PC and other PC games take so much vram and why do gaming laptops cost $1000 and up?

3 Answers

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    When you look at a program like HWMonitor, it actually tells you what's being reserved for the game. This isn't necessarily what's actually being used.

    Also in GTA5, VRAM usage and what's reserved goes through the roof when you bump up the AA.

    In high end gaming laptops, the processors and Graphics Processing chips are expensive to start with. Combine that with a motherboard that's has to be engineered to withstand higher clock speeds, higher thermals, and higher power consumption compared to a standard $500 laptop. The biggest factor is Gaming Laptops are popular and people are willing to pay $1200 for a decent one...... Supply and Demand.

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  • 9 months ago

    Many high-end games tend to have pretty hefty system requirements, including video card, because there's a lot of things the game is trying to keep track of (like various NPC's, vehicles, ect.) & look great doing so. Increasing the screen resolution & using higher resolutions textures (to keep things looking good) compounds the processing demands (typically at an exponential level).

    As for gaming laptops running around $1,000 & up is more of a challenge of building a high-performing system with good specs (so it's not acting like a potato), size (so you're not trying to distinguish details on screen similar in size like a 3DS), weight (Do you really want to get a workout JUST by lugging such a laptop?) & thermals (you don't want your lap getting a nice golden brown look that you may find on your food & the internals of your computer melting into a massive paperweight). Many laptops utilize proprietary hardware (mostly motherboards) & configurations (to help with the above-mentioned concerns), which isn't cheap... so you're going to be paying for that.

    WITH THAT SAID, if you're willing to make some compromises, you can get a good mid-range laptop for around $800. The one component that quickly gets skimped on is the graphics card. While you may expect a Nvidia GTX 1060 or better on a $1,000+ system, you'll be getting a GTX 1050 (not as desirable, but still pretty decent) or an AMD Radeon RX 550 (considered bare bones, as it has an effective performance of a GTX 1040) on a cheaper system.

    If you don't mind having "last year's model", you can get some decent discounts buying computers on clearance... which can get good system for up to 50% off, but it can be a gamble as others might be willing to buy it at a higher price (taking a lesser discount) as well fighting off resellers (those buying systems at steep discounts & then selling them at a higher price, but still less than full retail price).

    Hope this sheds some light on the subject.

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  • Because you've gotta pay to play. Load up Superman 64 for the N64 and marvel at how far we've come. Load up GTA 3 and compare it to GTA V. I remember when 3 cam out, I was stunned by everything that was in it, but in retrospect, it looks like garbage. There are so many things that V does, that it's insane. Textured surfaces, smooth surfaces, buildings you can go inside, a massive open-world map, tons of loaded objects in the player's field-of-view at any time, all independently doing their own thing, dynamic lighting and shade, highly-detailed character builds, etc... All of that takes up memory, and all of that takes up space. High-powered graphics cards aren't going to be cheap, especially for a laptop (since space and heating concerns are ever-present). The fact that you can get a gaming laptop for around $1000 is a blessing. If you want to really guffaw, look up old computer ads from the mid to late 90s. A home computer setup could easily run over $2000 and that wasn't even for a high-powered system that was built for gaming. Alienware used to sell gaming rigs for over $5000. Do you know what kind of computer I could build today for $5K? It'd be insane.

    So be thankful for the $1K price point. That's actually a good thing. It could be worse. A whole lot worse.

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