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How to change my best friend s opinion on pet rats?

I ve done quite a bit of research and rats seem to be the best ESA for me. However, my best friend says he wouldn t come over anymore if I got a rat. How can I expose him to these cute rodents so that he sees them for the supportive companion they can be?

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    Some people have may have fears, find them unsanitary, or just don't like them. As far as forcing someone to find the same thing you find interesting or comforting is not right. You should respect your friends stance on the situation and try to understand where he is coming from and learn to accept it. Also, if you still want your friend to come over just make sure your rodent friend is put up for the time being. You never know your friend could come around...

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    If a pet will come between you and a friend, then they probably aren't that good of a friend anyways. If you want a rat, then by all means, do what is best for you and get a rat. If he really is your friend, I'm sure he will get over it.

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    You cant if hes not willing. Anyone can get over a fear if they work at it but you cant force someone to get over it.

    Maybe he would be fine as long as you agree not to take the rats out when hes over?

    Get 2 rats. They are social and need to be in pairs or groups. Obviously they need to be the same sex or one needs to be neutered if you get a male and female.

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    You can't. If you have chosen rats for a pet - that's great! Not everyone likes every pet - some people hate cats, others can't stand dogs. Rats are viewed as dirty disease carrying things, and that is a very wrong thing to apply to a pet rat. You can attempt to educate your friend, but in the end they are YOUR pets and YOUR decision. If your so called friend won't come over because you chose to get pet rats - well, then, he really wasn't much of a friend.

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    The same way that he could change your mind, about not having one..

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    You may not be able to. Don't let your friend influence your choice.

    My take, rats are a hard pet to beat, smart enough to learn any sort of trick, not the dirty vermin many believe.

    Very social, and affectionate

    My mom had two main fears, spiders and mice, but still loved nature and the wee animals.

    I found a baby orphaned mouse in he house, we couldn't just kill the thing and I wanted to keep it.

    A vet a couple doors up helped me convince mom it would be just fine but the rule was, if it smelled, it was gone.

    Had to learn a lot nursing baby mice but in time, grew up. Took longer my mom watching me hold and treat him, eventually she held him once in her hand watching him nibble on nuts, I think that was her turning point, but never got familiar with them for trust. Even she was saddened when he died of old age, lived even longer than the vet had though. As yet, the best pet rodent I have had out of dozens.

    Yea, I like spiders too and kept a number of them.

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    Educate him,,, explain there is a difference between sewer rats, pet rats and lab rats and that some lines of lab rats are worth over a million dollars a piece,,, let him see the pet, play with it, get to know it,,, and if he still won't come over well then so be it.

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