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Does this guy I used to talk to like me?

Long story short, a guy messaged me on a dating site multiple times. I finally gave him my number. He kept saying how pretty I am, how I’m his type, etc. we texted and talked for a few weeks and got into some deep convos but then he stopped without us ever meeting. I didn’t reach out either. I didn’t know why. We stayed friends on Instagram, even through meeting other people. I got engaged. He got a gf. My relationship broke up, his is still going on. He friended me on my new ig once broken up with and now likes and comments and started replying via dm to my stories. After a while, I pressed him on what happened and he said I had lived two hours from him at the time and it just kind of fizzled, but that I made an impression on him, being v cool, open, refreshing and honest. I said oh, I thought it was because you didn’t find me pretty. He then said he thinks I’m incredibly beautiful physically and otherwise. We haven’t talked since. I didn’t know how to reply, since he has a gf but it was nice.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    I don't think he likes you enough. Living 2 hours away is hard, but not insurmountable. Anyway, he has a girlfriend, so that's more or less it.

    • Sasha10 months agoReport

      You’re absolutely right, but like, what’s the point of pursuing an online friendship with me then?

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