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We should get a Mexican guy named Jesus to go up to Donald Trump and say "Hello. I am Jesus. You must stop being president now....?

...... God says so", and then he will probably say "No way, Jesus. Show me your ID" and then once he does, Trump will be like "ZOMG! Well, if Jesus wants me to, I will have to resign. I'll buy Greenland, and turn the whole thing into a gigantic golf course. Joe Biden told me that it's the most green land, and there is absolutely no ice, and that I should go there. He said.It's like one giant golf course. Perfect for playing golf, folks. I'm going to buy it, and not let Joe Biden live there. Just me, and Kanye West, folks"


Ten bucks could buy you an oz at one point? When was that? The 1960's/70's? lol.

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  • childish and you degrade yourself.

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  • 6 months ago

    I remember when one seed could get you ten years .

    Hey but Pfizer is just as evil if that's a thing .

    It's legal where I live and I had to quit in 85 but the money I saved bought a house

    or at least a mortgage . \

    Technically it's free here - because I got caught farming in 85 in Texas and those hillbillies thought 3 years was appropriate . If you can afford California it's all you can smoke .

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  • Buddy
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    6 months ago

    I can remember when ten bucks would get you a whole ounce of that stuff.

    Update: yeah, you nailed it.

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