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Can you help me with English please?

We all have our measures of how obscenely normalized domestic terror has become.

I can't understand this sentence exactly. Please explain this to me clearly.

Thank you!

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  • 6 months ago

    Simple version "violence (terror in the US, assuming) has become normal and a day to day occurrence. We are used to it and we all have our own opinions on have normalized it has become." thats what i understand this to be conveying. could be wrong.

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  • 6 months ago

    This is not very good writing.

    Anyway, with a sentence like this it's best to take it apart backwards.

    Domestic terror has become normalized. That is, it's no longer seen as something unusual, it's accepted as something that just happens.

    The author believes terror has been 'obscenely' normalized. I don't think that's the word he wants there. He is disgusted at how badly terrorism is normalized.

    'We all have our measures' means each of us has his own way of measuring how obscenely normalized terrorism has become.

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