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may baby asked in HealthMental Health · 8 months ago

How can i help my bf who might have BPD(borderline personality disorder)?

My bf of 4 years has alwaya had anger issues. I no he had a rough childhood and considered his parents to be dead since 14. He jsut told me what really happened. Ive always tried to be patient with his behavior but alot of times it gets to me and we argue alot. I try to justify it with his childhood. So today he told me what really happened and found bpd and it describes him perfectly and makes sence. Someone is not as angry at the world for death but abandoment can cause anger and hate. He fits the description perfectly. I want to try to help him becasue he hates his temper but i honeslty dont think he can control it. But how can i help someone with bpd. I dont want to baby him and let him through his fits but i also dont want to let it get to me tk were i add fuel to the fire. Any suggestions of some self care tips

3 Answers

  • 8 months ago

    You can't fix the guy..... if he wants professional help he can get it. There is DBT (a therapy) which seems to be beneficial for people with borderline. There are also books written on the subject for help.

    Your boyfriend is the only person who can make improvements and it will take effort and a willingness to want to change things up in his life.

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  • you are not qualified to help him, he needs a long term therapist or some sort of DBT.

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  • 8 months ago

    My tip for you is don't try to practice psychiatry.

    ALL Personality Disorders start in childhood as a result of abuse and or neglect. As a result, the child learns inappropriate coping skills and very poor life skills.

    The ONLY WAY to treat a personality disorder is with YEARS of psychoanalytic work to teach the patient new and better coping skills and the correct life skills....and this takes many years of devoted therapy.

    My advice to you is NOT TO TOLERATE BAD BEHAVIOR AND HIS EXCUSES FOR IT. Believe me, the rest of society doesn't care what his excuse is either. And this is why he fails at jobs and inter personal relationships.

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