Do you hate driving a vehicle or working an employment-job more and why?

I would say for me it would be working a salary-job because of you hate driving you can A. Turn in your driver's license and B. Sell your vehicle and get some cash.

Working a job for a living on the other-hand is a lot more stressful in my opinion because it's a lot harder to get yourself off the treadmill of the capitalist-system as you almost always need to work your behind off just to be able to live and it's (usually at least) a lot harder to make the money needed to secure financial-autonomy and not have to work another-way of your life again.

How about for you though. What do you find more stressful between the two-thinfa and why?

1 Answer

  • 4 months ago

    Relax, even in a non-capitalist system you have to work your behind off. It's just living.

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