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Is everyone except for me a single organism?

I think so and I can prove it, only if my part of my brain for communications has technology on it reading it and sending what I mean to every bodies brains because that is the only way you can understand me without giving me an educated guess. I don't know if everyone's personalities are in every bodies brains because I have to give you an educated guess to what you want me to say because I never made my own technology to analyze my brain and everyone's brains to understand what's in our brains. There is a possibility I could have learned the wrong stuff for my communications and education in school because I never analyzed anyone's brains including mine with my own technology to find out what is going on. I honestly think everyone except for me are a single organism because if we were people like me then we wouldn't be taken educated guesses. Also think about it what that person said is not what I would say and I have to take an educated guess to what that person wants me to say. You can't understand me and you can't read my brain without technology. What all are you hiding from me?

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  • Ana
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    5 months ago

    Take your medicine kid

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  • Alan H
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    Sounds like the ranting of an 11 year old, Sorry

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