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Help me get my **** together.?

Also- Help me stop procrastinating!!

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    Getting your **** together:

    When your life is in a state of chaos, one thing that can help you to give it structure is keeping a journal. Write daily notes with ideas for things to work on, like your daily schedule and plans for the future. Write about your feelings. If you're having an emotional problem, write about how you feel at different times of day and any symptoms you might have, such as change of appetite or sleep. This information could help a doctor in diagnosis. It's important to emphasize the positive. Note the times you slip up but praise your successes, and don't be afraid to give yourself compliments. Sometimes, there's nobody to pat us on the back but ourselves, and we need encouragement.

    One way to encourage yourself is to make a habit of reviewing your day at bedtime. Again - emphasize the positives, congratulate yourself for things you got done and times when you overcame temptations.

    I'll add that there's something that can help with self-confidence - see the video posted below under Source. It's about self-efficacy.


    I'll tell you a couple of simple tricks that I've found to be very useful. I used to have a terrible problem with procrastination, and these things helped me greatly.

    This is useful for all kinds of things you don't feel like doing. If a task seems like it's too big, think of it as a series of tasks that you can take on one at a time, and start with something really, really easy. Cleaning - start by cleaning for 3 or 4 min and take a 5 min break. Or start by just cleaning the kitchen counters. Homework - start by proofreading a paper or by previewing a chapter you're about to read, looking at headings, sub-headings, etc.

    Short breaks are good but always watch the clock. Look for natural breaks, like after you finish a chapter or write an outline.

    Staying on task - if you find yourself dawdling, wasting time while you're working, here's a simple fix. Decide how much time it will take to get a task done and do it in that time, watching the clock.

    A famous psychiatrist said that when we can't control our feelings we can still control our muscles. If you tell your arms and legs to get you to the bathroom for a shower, they will obey.

    Try this when it seems that you're too tired to work. Lie on the couch, close your eyes, and get ready to work by imagining yourself working for 5 minutes. Again, think in terms of taking it step by step and starting with something really easy.

    By the way, I've answered a lot of mental health questions, with advice from experts.

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  • LP7
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    11 months ago

    go cold turkey and get off the internet

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  • 11 months ago

    I share your afliction and have been trapped in this never ending loop of procrastination for almost 10 years. Part of the answer is to bite the bullet and delete your YA account or be like me and wait for YA to be closed down.

    Source(s): Many pompous years
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  • Get your **** together sunny

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